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Dj Deep Freeze

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Pinky Williams is touted as the pioneer and godfather of soulful deep house music
in Spain starting his professional DJ career at the very early age of 14
at the Mythic Stone Club at the American base in Madrid with Boddy Miles one of the finest funky soul underground rap DJ’’s in the world in that time.
This is how started P. Williams with influences of black music in the turntable art.
At the age of 15 he got his first radio show (Soul Nation) at Omega Radio,
that was the first Spanish program to emit in English,dedicated to future soul funk and underground New York rap with an audience of 50.000 people.

At the age of 16 he was already resident DJ at the first quality soul club in Spain. P. Williams introduced Chicago house at the first Amnesia warehouse parties in 1987.
He continuous introducing Madrid in 1988 with another trend and vision in house music as resident of the first Spanish acid house club Ekus
holding 4000 people on a Saturday night.
Giving his crowd to be able to dance to more advanced quality music (more and more) at his residencies of the first Spanish vip afterhours Voltereta on Sunday mornings.

In 1988 started his international DJ career and was booked several times at worlds acid house temple La Hacienda in Manchester.

From 1984-1997 he became most wanted DJ from Spain and guaranteed full loaded in every venue he played in, with a very special attraction to the public bringing them what no other DJ was giving. sense in music.

1989 P. Williams and Boddy Miles created a fusion between sounds of Chicago house and spiritual Detroit techno at Superclub Aire.
His career moved forward to the Netherlands as founder of the first Ibiza underground parties in Nijmegen and as a resident deejay of the Quest for Dance, a special venue to express which were the new upcoming music in the world on that time. at Rotterdam’s club Nighttown together with Sven Vath, Masters at Work and The Jam MC.
During this year he traveled back and forth from Holland to Spain as resident DJ at different venues and at Madrid’s techno temple Eklosion where he introduced the soulful hardcore sound.

1991 he introduced in Madrid’s King of House the deep garage sound, also in this year was voted by Mixmag and DMC (the world deejay championship organization)
for 3 consecutive years as best deejay of Spain and his residence club King of House as best club in the world
together with Ministry of Sound (London) and the Roxy (Amsterdam). King of House became a trade brand of true and quality music and P. Williams as an ambassador of it.

1994 P.
Williams was booked by the American organization Wonder Twins to join them on a 6 month USA tour.
After his long residence at the USA he remained getting bookings all over the States an played as resident of the temple of break beat Magic Wednesdays (Los Angeles) with Ellie Star (Deelight) and Rave America with Keoki Superstar and Frankie Knucles and started his own soulful underground music night (Cerebral House) in Los Angeles together with Doc. Martin and David Alvarado the Californian therapist owner of Ovun recordings and at the meantime his frequent performances at New York finest club the Shelter. Pinky Williams established to be Europe’s best deejay on tour as the Californian music press confirmed.

In 1995 he returned to Madrid and started himself two new deep underground club nights Jumble and Freak Fridays by being the pioneer of the soulful drum and bass and deep jungle sounds in Spain.

1997 he returned to Holland to join the DJ agency 4 Bad Children where he introduced with Timmi Boomkat and MC Spyder the new UK garage sound and soulful jazzy house as well being music manager of Fat Note records in Amsterdam.

1995-1998 resident DJ with his pupil Toni Rox (Spanish champion 1997-1998) of Spain’s finest deep house club House of Devotion.

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