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Dear visitor,

Keeping the database of DJGuide up-to-date is a lot of work. So are several people working on a daily basis to keep the party-agenda up to date.
It is very easy for competing colleagues to copy our data. In this way they can get a copy of our data online at their own website or other medium in a fraction of the time that we invest. Unfortunately, that often happened without our permission.

One of the measures we have taken now impose restrictions on bots (we suspect to be dealing with a bot/script). That's how you end up on this page.

If you still want to visit the DJGuide pages then you have two options:
1. Tomorrow you may log on at DJGuide, this can be done easy with the facebooklogin, or create a free member account.
2. If you are working for a website or other medium and you are interested in our data, just contact us to discuss this.

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