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Herr Zimmerman
Herr Zimmerman
Rotterdam NL
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Herr Zimmerman
Organised by: Herr Zimmerman
Monthly saturday

Online: http://www.herrzimmerman.eu/about%20Herr%20Zi...

Herr Zimmerman ist from outer space.

The alien cat, Herr Zimmerman, decided to go on an electronic adventure,
to start a totally new club somewhere else in space...

After years of searching all kinds of places,
Herr Zimmerman finally found the perfect place on earth, …
in the Netherlands, Rotterdam.

The original club location used to be an old meat-factory,
but being a true animals friend,
Herr Zimmerman put an end to these cruel meat activities
and started his own new club for the open minded happy people.

In this Club Herr Zimmerman rocks his electronic beats!
These most famous Tanzclub nights of the Galaxy,
are named after Herr Zimmerman himself.

Herr Zimmerman ist here zu entertain du!


The Mystery and Answers about Herr Zimmerman!

The Most Crazy Party Katze of the Galaxy!

Herr Zimmerman clubnights are probably the most exciting clubnights,
also called 'tanznachten', on Earth!

Most reported 'complaint' by Herr Zimmerman clubnight-visitors, is having trouble timing a toilet visit..., because its so hard leaving the dancefloor!...

Originally, all Herr Zimmerman clubnights took place in a former meatfactory (...although Herr Zimmerman is a vegetarian alien!).

Today, Herr Zimmerman is expanding his famous Factory Parties!
Herr Zimmerman clubnights, in turns, take place at both the original meatfactory (Design Dock Rotterdam), as well as in Factory 10, and in future in more fantastic industrial surroundings... (more news zu come!...)

On exclusive clubnights, the mysterious alien Katze, Herr Zimmerman,
brings here the best tanz-parties on Earth!
For many 'earthlings' the name of Herr Zimmerman may be a little strange....

Well, let's be honest about this,...its not your everyday custom,
that a strange alien cat, brings out the best electronic clubnights!

Secret negotiations between Herr Zimmerman and his favorite DJ's
Fraulein Z and TanzMan, always garantee the most fantastic techno-electro Muzik, zugether with invitations of new and exciting international artists, that are not commonly seen in many average rental-party venues...

Many charismatic international artists have experienced and contributed to very exciting Herr zimmerman clubnights!
For example, artists like Dr. Lektroluv, DJ Hell, Anthony Rother, The Hacker, David Carretta, Adriano Canzian, Tony Rohr, Franz & Shape, Electrixx, karateMuzik, undsoweiter!...

As for deciding, if you should go and experience these amazing
Herr Zimmerman tanz-nights?,...
For those who know,... simply know!
For those who don't know, ...
and bear a positive mind,..
Simply Go!

Make sure, that you have good enough shoes to keep on tanzing all night, because this is a serious risk, attending Herr Zimmerman clubnight!

Also be aware, that visitors of Herr Zimmerman respect life and
have a free mind!

Where can you find Herr Zimmerman and his famous parties?!...
- Try flying Herr Zimmerman's UFO on his crazy website, and try landing
Herr Zimmerman's UFO next to the Moonwalking Guy!..

... Or just enter the most famous clubnight-website of the Galaxy!

Liebe Tanz GruB!

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