Interview Sandy Rivera (e-mail)

Published: 27 May 2009

Interview: Sandy Rivera

Bekend geworden als 'Kings Of Tomorrow', omarmd door het internationale Defected label en sindsdien een artiest van wereldformaat. Sandy Rivera heeft zich in enkele jaren ontpopt tot een ster en draait tegenwoordig mee in de vooraankondigingen van de grootste evenementen. In Nederland kent men hem voornamelijk van zijn grootste hit 'Freak', welke maandenlang (en nog steeds) op verschillende radiostations te horen was.

Op 15 mei was de man weer in Amsterdam om de Panama op z'n kop te zetten en helaas is dat voorlopig even de laatste keer geweest, aangezien Sandy voor het festivalseizoen al ruimschoots volgeboekt zit in andere landen. Er is veel gaande in de wereld van Rivera - met momenteel een waardige opvolger voor 'Freak' gelanceerd - maar gelukkig vond DJGuide hem in alle hektiek bereid om over de mail enkele vragen te beantwoorden...


It's been a while since we last saw you in Amsterdam. What have you been up to lately?
It has been a few months since I played in Holland but I have been crazy, mainly in the studio and touring other countries.

What's an ordinary day like for Sandy Rivera?
I normally go to the studio which is in my house every day. I have lots of tracks I am working on that need to be finished and mastered and then they're ready for release which is great. I spend time with my little girl too.

The 'Freak' hit really blew the Dutch crowd away last year. It even reached the chart lists of popular radio stations. Can we expect an even big follow-up?
The follow up with Haze is called 'Deeper' and that's out now on MN2S records, it's got a hot video you can check out on my website.

Ever since 'Freak' became a hit, you've been in Holland very often. What do you like best about performing here?
'Freak' was really big in Holland and that was really good. What I like about Holland is that because it's so small you see the same faces at the events so sometimes it's like one big afterhours party.

How come we haven't seen you in any line-up of the big Dutch summer festivals yet?
I played at lot of the festivals for the last few years running, which have always been amazing - Extrema was crazy, the power cut out and everything shut down for about 20minutes in my set, but it was still a fantastic festival. This year I am booked for other festivals around the globe.

Why did you start out as Kings Of Tomorrow and decided to go on further as Sandy Rivera?
Well Kings of Tomorrow was always for productions that I produced which were more soulful and Sandy Rivera productions were always more tougher so I used different names to keep them separate. I still use KOT - I had a record featuring Rae called 'Cant Stop' out recently with Defected, so it just depends on the sound.

Last time you were performing in club Panama was about a year ago. What do you remember most about that night?
It's always good at Panama! Rene the club owner is always cool and it's a good party. The restaurant is nice too!

How did you experience your latest stay in Amsterdam?
It's funny because Amsterdam is a pretty small place so you end up with seeing a lot of the same people which is great, I have lots of friends there now so I expect that the party will hot and the after party even hotter!

What should a party definitely be like to make it memorable event for you?
It's just about the vibe and people up for a good time and good music.

Which people were travelling along?
Just me myself and I this Time.

Are you hoping to greet any DJ's in particular?
Just the people playing this set would be enough, they are the ones playing the party after all!

Meer info: www.sandyrivera.dj | www.getinpr.com

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