Interview Secret Cinema
Interview Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema, also known as Grooveyard, started out as a producer in 1990 and has been performing live since 1993. He built up an international reputation, performing around the world and releasing tracks such as "Mary go Wild", "Timeless Altitude", "Saccades" and "Rita & Lynn" which are played by the world's top DJs. For him, the next step was organizing events. In 2008 he introduced two new concepts: Secret Cinema Invites and SIKSMIKS.

Looking back on the previous year a lot has happened. International bookings are piling up more than ever and you started organizing your own parties. What has it been like?

Event promoter Juriel Zeligman and I started Secret Cinema Invites in January of 2008. The initial idea was to offer new talent a chance to perform and to invite colleague DJ's myself. Furthermore, it created a good opportunity to focus on playing DJ sets and less on performing live. I had so many records and demo's that I could never play for my audience, DJing gave me the chance to play them.

Is that the only reason you switched from live performance to DJing after all these years?

If you perform your own tracks all the time, it's harder to play something different every weekend. Nowadays popular styles shift rapidly from one to the next and people get bored easily. This could be bad for the way my live-sets are received. I have been buying records since 1991 and have always played, but my live performance was much more important to me. I never focused on DJing professionally. With the contemporary technology of laptop DJ software, I found the perfect substitute for my live performances. Nights like SIKSMIKS and Secret Cinema Invites therefore became very valuable to me.

And how did you come up with the idea for SIKSMIKS?

Edwin Oosterwal of techno-duo Rejected and I wanted to have a fixed spot in Amsterdam to perform frequently where we would have the freedom to cross musical boundaries. We decided to involve Joris Voorn, the other half of Rejected and thought it would be a good idea to expand the group and bring a little more variation. I walked into Steve Rachmad at a party, where he told me that he would also like to broaden his musical horizon. Kabale und Liebe and Warren Fellow were the perfect finishing touch to the team. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, two of us perform in a different mixture. Hence; SIKSMIKS.

Vinyl or digital?

At home I still play vinyl as a hobby, but eventually I can't do without my Laptop anymore. All the tracks and demo's that I receive and buy, are on my notebook. It wouldn't be practical to use vinyl for me. I'd simply miss too many tracks. If I perform live somewhere now, I also have the opportunity to DJ at an after party because I carry all of my music with me all the time.

What can we expect from you in the future?

A lot of DJ sets and productions with a funky sound. I'm looking forward to the next Secret Cinema Invites in Paard van Troje in The Hague the 7th of February and March 14th in Patronaat in Haarlem with Len Faki. I'm also cooperating with new talent, such as Egbert, whom I helped master and produce a 12" release for EC records. All the credit goes to him, he knows exactly what he wants! I also closely cooperate with Peter Horrevorts and Roger Martinez for inspiration and production quality. Moreover, I just made an agreement with Ramon Tapia, a Chilean from Antwerp, to see if we can work on a new release. We'll see what the result is like!

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