Interview Wildkats
Interview Wildkats

To start;
A small introduction. What’s Wildkats?

All: We are a production collective... We are not a cheerleading team, We are not a sports team, We are not a group of fictional superheroes, We are not a high school musical... We are not strippers (well only sometimes).....
We like bass, we like synths, we like groove, we like stabs, we like disco, we like house, we like techno, we like expression, we like harmony, we like pads, we like voice, we like diagonals, we like edits, we like colour, we like loops, we like tomorrow, we like spots, we like stripes, we like steps, we like motion, we like shape, we like to run naked in the desert. We like to make music to make you dance.

Wildkats has 3 members. How did you 3 become Wildkats?
Stuart: Scott and I are mates from Scotland and started DJ'ing together in London 5years ago. We met Corey through mutual friends, It was love at first sight….

Corey: Well said Stu.

There are not a lot of DJ trio’s. How is this working out for you guys?
Stuart: Our styles are slightly different but complement each other in the studio... with travelling/ gigs, there is no one better to be doing this with than your best mates.. enough said.

Corey: It's working out great..Because there are three of us, we can get a lot done as we can spread the work load when it comes to studio time and miscellaneous admin stuff.

How would you describe your sound?
All: House music as a general description. There are loads of influences from a lot of genres though. Lots of Funk and Deep elements, and there is always the challenge to keep our music underground and different from one track to the next.

Who or what had the most influence on Wildkats back in the day?
Stuart: I have had a huge range of influences, but I guess what got me into house music back in the day was Daft Punk's Homework album, before that I was listening to much harder dance music, the Wildkats sound though is heavily influenced by disco, funk, hip hop, and all things house.

Corey: I was a massive Hip Hop fan when I was younger so that played a big influencing role for me. But I also love the groove in all the 80's disco and funk stuff..It works out well to mix it all together with contemporary house methods.

How did you end up producing for Hot Creations?
All: Our release on Hot Creations is a collaboration with Russ Yallop. We have known Russ and the Hot Creations guys for a while from partying and DJ'ing together in London and Ibiza. With this track it was something they really liked the sound of and hay presto put out on their label.

I see you’re playing in Ibiza this summer. Things are going well?
All: Yeah we are really buzzing with how the last year has gone, and are super excited about forthcoming gigs across Europe... including house music meccas Ibiza & Berlin, then we are back over to states, Mexico and South America later this year, which is wicked.

What else can we expect of Wildkats in 2012?
All: As well as a fun packed gig schedule we are super busy in the studio, so watch this space for some badboy tuneage :)

Are you looking forward to your gig in Amsterdam?
Stuart: Yeah I love Amsterdam, was over at Amsterdam Dance Event a couple of years ago, rented a bike and cruised around during the day, partied at night - it's a great place! Can't wait to come over and play this time!

Corey: Love Amsterdam..Can't wait to come back..Love your coffee and shops you sell it in!!

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