Joshua Khane B-Day Bash
flyer Joshua Khane B-Day Bash

Being raised in a family full of musicians, it soon became his life. Seeing artists like Al Green, BoysIIMen and Michael Jackson on the television gave him the dream to, one day, entertain and reach out to people through music.

Joshua started singing at the age of 10, recording covers on his little tape recorder, and performing at every family party and wedding. While participating at talentshows he met Jonathan Berhane with whom, as a singer sharing the same dream, he started a group and found two more guys who shared the same passion. Not long after this D-Ground was born.

D-Ground came in touch with producer June "Poppabear" Rollocks who had several hits on his name such as "Cherish The Love" and the well known 80’s hit : "Pump Up The Jam". After recording some demos an independent label called "Top Trax" offered them a record deal.

The first single and video "You Gotta Be" came in the official charts for weeks. The same thing happened with the single "My Girl" which was recorded three months later. After scoring these hits they went on several tours, did countless shows, featured in tons of magazines, radio and TV shows. Unfortunatlly the group split up in 2007.

As the leadsinger, Joshua didn’t want to give up on music and continued as an solo artist. He went back to recording songs with his old producer "Marvel Hitmen". By putting his music online he was approached by Jim Beanz who is currently working alongside Timbaland as a producer and songwriter. He also worked with Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears, Danity Kane, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Esmee Denters, Shakira, Whitney Houston, to name a few. While being invited for a meeting with his management in London 2009, Joshua supported them with a performance which was taped and broadcasted live on BBC.

After this Joshua was approached by the biggest dance label in the world Spinnin Records and they signed Joshua as an artist to their label.

His first single ‘’Lover Don’t Cost A Thing’’ was a big radio hit and got lauched as ‘’Dancesmah’’ on the most important radio station in Holland ‘’Radio 538’’.

His 2nd single was a success also,with the remix done by none other then Gregor Salto,and it became a instant club hit

Now in 2012 Joshua is working with some of the biggest names and is builing up a huge fanbase.

The 2rd single will be released soon and you will see a lot more of Joshua Khane on huge events.

Stay tuned…

Joshua Khane B-Day Bash
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