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Hi peeps!...

Who, How and Why
My name is Natarcia Ommen. I was born in Suriname ( South America above Brasil) on the day my parents got married [guess you could say I was born 2 party] and raised in A’dam [Holland].Both my parents were into soul and Suriname music, so the tunes and lyrics of Milly Jackson, Marvin Gay ,Betty Wright and the drumbeats of Surinam artists like Lieve Hugo, sounded like lullabies 2 my ears.Didnt play with dolls..I played with records and I still do. No wonder I became a dj. I started dj-ing at school, wrote my own rhymes and started breakdancing..One thing let 2 another and I became dancer 4 a house band named Fierce Ruling Diva..After a few years with the band I got more work behind the decks and decided 2 become a full time dj. where

One of the first big clubs in A’dam were I got my residence was the ROXY{Pussy Lounge} still miss it. From there on I got residencies in clubs like The Richter, Havana, Eye[Rotterdam], Stalker [ Haarlem]and The Ministry{A’dam]. style

It’s a little difficult to describe my style, cause I play US garage{vocal house], latinhouse, deephouse, electro, techno, club, tribal and some drum&bass.It depends on the party and the people what I’ll do.One thing is for sure whatever style I’ll play ,strong,sexy grooves and drums will always set my tone .Mixing is my main thing..that’s why I love vinyl, so people can see as well as hear what the dj’s doing.

Some of the other clubs and parties where I had the privilege 2 play:

Curacao; BPM tour, Cinco, Zanta, Mambo Beach, Luna Blou, Maritiem Museum
Suriname; The Jungle
South Africa; H2O parties in Johannesburg and Durban
Us; After Hour Power (LA)
Germany; Café Keese ,Tivolli (Hamburg), David la Chapell’s Pre party (Berlin)
Belgium; Cafe d'anvers (Paradise in waterland and Natural Elements)
Russia; Club Zeppelin, Minesteria (Moscow), The Flying Dutchmen & Forddance (St. Petersburg), Zepplintour (Seberia)
Turkey; Party 4 Riva Diva group
Portugal; Tribal Vibe (Lisboa)
Denmark; Roskilde Festival
Austria; Hospitality
Israel; Zoom
Spain: Tivoli (Barcelona), Amnesia (Ibiza)
France; Queens (Paris), Tempel (South France)

A’dam: Roxy, Freedomtour, Flirtation ( Panama), Ladylicious & Sanctuary (Paradiso), Female Force, Sensation Black, Wasteland, Powerzone, Supperclub, Vakzuid, Escape, Sinners, The Zebra, Odeon, Amsterdam Marcanti,Crazyland (HMH), Club M , Candy milkshake (Escape).
Rotterdam; Cruise Terminal, Las Palmas, Gaypalace, Absolutely Stereo, Thalia Lounge.
Utrecht; Winkel van sinkel, Monza.
Harlem; Club Stalker.
Nijmegen: Night Live

At the moment I'm producing my own tracks, which will be out later this year (2007). You can excpect a sexy, groovy mixture of vocal house, latin, club, elctro & a little tip of hip hop. Well….that’s all 4 now...b good!

P.S. To me there's nothing like vinyl, but of course I also play with cd’s. Keep the decks alive you all!

xxx Tass.

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