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Hi everybody,

My name is Fab vd M., born in a small place near to The Hague in the Netherlands, in 1979.I started with mixing when i was 11 years old.
At first it start like a joke, with a small mixer, a cassette deck and 2 record players.
 When I was 11 years old, I had my first real FM transmitter, a microphone in a
 FM transmitter wireless system.1988-1990 (92.0 Fm).
Then 2 years later I started with the real work and I bought my first real mixer
with pro Dj turntables, and a big radio FM transmitter.
With enough ability to broadcast throughout the Westside of the Netherlands on the
 Fm radio, called: Magic and Energy 1990-1992 (103.8 fm 4 watt.).
 Also in this period I make my own house/hardcore records.
 Now I create Trance, and also other house styles!
And I make the own radio jingles (spots of your own radio station),which I love to
do till now.
The thrill of the live run on the radio became larger and there came even more
power on the fm transmitter!
 Radio Benelux is born in the Westside of the Netherlands!
 At first with 10 watt and later with 75 watt fm 1992-1994 (Bly 78 on 103.8 fm)
Also I transmitted many live editions on the radio at this time, and i was 24/7 on air.
Especially by the many live periods on the radio, with people who are calling, they really
appreciated the radio program.
After the radio Benelux  time there came a new radio station for Fab vd M (Dj-Fab),
Mayhem FM! And I turned with records in the mix with pitch control 1994-1996 (40 watt fm).
 A very funny time and I’ll never forget it!.
 After the Mayhem FM radio period I changed the radio fm station name called: Skyline.
  Radio Skyline was one of my biggest radio experience, because the far range of the station and has a new record in distance.
By the magical Televest antenna was our range from the West country from the Netherlands to hear with good weather conditions, till far in Oberhausen in Germany! We ride in the car from the West of the Netherland to check the distance of the Radio Station From Skyline. The Radio Station was very good to hear, after a long time we ride  in Oberhausen in Germany !  And then we believe that the transmitter had a mega-sized range on the Fm 1996-1999 (40 watt mono later 180 watt mono).In this period, I was going to work as a resident Dj in a Club (1996-1999).

And I did also much experience to live with audience to run, then I also turn in large disco and in bars and Discotheques.And my passion was in that time than mixing Trance, since in these periods: in 1996, just the Hardcore periods ended, I thought: I'm going to turn a lot of different mixes and styles. And so is Trance my passion to become mixes and remixes in that time. After that time : Mayhem Fm back on the Fm,& Skyline radio ended.

Also in these early period I worked next to the Fm radio stations their passion
for 2 other Mayhem. 1 for the sick, where I have learned a lot of
broadcasting my Dj hobby with studio building etc. that way I was Dj,
and so in that way on all-round all planes of the Dj area enough
experience on a full studio had done to build and, in terms of audio,
sound, etc. in addition(like live performance radio broadcasts), I also
worked in the same periods for an local radio station. Also this was a
fun time where I live Italo turned and presented, 2 hours in the
program. In addition, I am also on Mayhem Fm keep running, On the
Internet and the Fm periods. After fully going deposit on Mayhem Fm on
the internet until now (1999 until now) this passion is until the day of
today not going away.
Radio is a passion and a feeling for the
music if you ask me. Radio is a sound which never on love and will
always continue to exist. Eric de Zwart & Wessel van Diepen would
have said in the 1980s, what has become my sense when I talk about radio
have: The sound that never end: The sound of radio! The last time I
keep me busy with mixes, remixes & to make My own records. In 2011,I
was turning live on 3 big party's:






I work most of the time with a Pioneer DDJ-SX-N Limited Gold Edition to mix and remix & turn with the program Traktor Pro Full 2.6.8.

& The F1 Control From Traktor.
For the record that I make I use other programs.
I hope one day that I will be famous....

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Fab vd M Presents A Trip To The Trance World Hard Trance Year Mix 2014 Remixed :


Hope to see you soon,

Fab vd M.





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