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For 15 years Mr C has played a pivotal role in dance music. As a popstar with international pop-techno pranksters The Shamen, Mr C headlined Glastonbury , won an Ivan Novello award (the only DJ in the world to do so!) and reached Number One - all with a knowing nod and a wink. As an underground DJ, producer and protagonist, Mr C has been there from acid house's early days, through the creation of ‘tech house', to helping redraw dance music's future with his shiny, metallic West End club The End.

With The End established, and its definitive tech-house sound breaking into the mainstream, it's time for Mr C to make his own, highly personal statement - with an debut album that while made rich with experience, typically has its eyes on the future. ‘Change' is the album Mr C's international brigade of admirers have long anticipated – and it's been worth the wait. This sweeping collection of shifting moods, colours and textures is too wide in scope to be dismissed as tech-house, though it borrows that genre's insistence on not settling for the obvious. It's a mood-enhancing record that reaches for the sky, while never letting go of the groove. And it comes after a period during which Mr C's life changed beyond recognition, hence the title.

First, a 12 year relationship ended, leaving Mr C a single man. Then his father died. "That makes you think about things in a different way. It makes you stronger," he notes. Then he met the LA-based Mexican actress and model Xochitl in Miami - and she's now his wife. "As an artist, you put your experiences into your art," says Mr C. "And that's what I've done. It's a very personal album."

The tumult is captured in the nervy, pulsating blues-house of ‘Hectic Times', with its wailing harmonica. His hypnotic, whispered raps turn up on numbers like the sexually-charged ‘Give It All' and the sci-fi disco of ‘Ascention'. The pumping, yet poignant grooves of ‘The Club' feature gloriously ghostly vocals from soulful house legend Robert Owens. Former Shamen vocalist Victoria Wilson-James - now a West End diva - turns the pulsating deep house of ‘Circles Of Love' into a sinister, breathy torch song. And the icy ‘Terricola' - with its robo-electro beats and machine voices - captures the romance in his new life. "‘Terricola' is Spanish for the way an alien would address a human. The wife thinks I'm a bit of a Martian," says Mr C, "so in return I call her Terricola . It's about an alien falling in love with a human and it's a love song to my wife."

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