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Born in The Netherlands and raised with the Vietnamese influences and culture. His passion for music started when he was young. As a little kid he couldn’t sleep without the radio on. Sohe grew up with music of Phil Collins, Prince, Michael Jackson, Usher and many more. After a visit to the USA in 2001, he got inspired by several music styles and began to expand his music collection. While his collection grew, so did his interest in learning the basics of being a DJ. First it was just like any other hobby. But after visiting a lot of events, he felt he could do something meaningful with his musical feelings and talent. With the help of the upcoming internet and media options, he started developing his skills. First by making underground mixtapes, second by playing at private party’s and third by watching, controlling and recognizing music styles.

Phong-T started his musical career in 2008. Because of promotional work for a lot of events in the past, he already created a huge network. As a result of this, he was given the opportunity to show his worth at Gotcha Beachclub (Kijkduin, NL). The reception of his first performance was overwhelming and so his journey continued. After performances at several local clubs, he participated at the Futureparade in Eindhoven. Within three months after his first performances he was booked at one of his favorite clubs at that time, Club Rembrandt (Eindhoven, NL). His journey didn’t stop and brought him at major Dutch venues like Club Vie, Club Air, Panama, Off_Corso, Manhattan, Matrixx, Effenaar and many more.

Next to his performances at the clubs, he also plays a prominent role within a few organisations. Because of his musical experience and ability to organize and manage, he co-operates and produces with some promoters. In February 2011, he started his own series of mixtapes in co-production with Dizzypunch. The so called ‘Sweet-N-Sour’ series, is the kick off of a new brand in the scene. These mixtapes represent his music and style, which is a combination of pure Hiphop, smooth R&B, Caribbean sounds, (Latin)House and classics. Volume Two is currently in progress, stay tuned…

The last few years Phong-T gained more experience and build up an outstanding reputation in the scene across the Netherlands. His regular appearances at Asian Party’s and his bookings in the urban/eclectic club scene proof that. He has his residency at United Asia (Eindhoven, NL) and also performed alongside international Urban artist like Marques Houston, Ja Rule, B2K, Blackstreet, Rupee and Mims. The journey goes on and on. You haven’t seen the last of him. To be continued…


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