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When Sinclair was a teenager he listened to electronic music such as Art of noise, The Soul Show and Kraftwerk. At this moment he discovered his love for electronic music.

After a trip to Italie in 1989 Sinclair was heavily influenced by house music that was played on the local radio stations, and his interest for house music started to grow.

It wasn't long after this that he visited his first house party that was organized by english students in Groningen where he was amazed by the music and the atmosphere. Sinclair visited a lot of raves and clubs where he picked up his musical idea's.

In 1997 he visited the well know HQ where Tom Harding and the Captain Tinrib played, and then he knew what he wanted: spin records and share his love for dance music with others! So he bought his first little mixer and two turntables and started to practice and make his mixes on audio cassetes. ' It gave me a complete buzz ' tells Sinclair to play records and create my own sound.

In the meantime Sinclair played at various clubs and underground raves like The Bunker and Huize Maas where he learned to play in front of a crowd. He was picked up by promoters and this resulted in a monthly residency in club The Groove. Unfortunately the club had to close its doors after a few months.

Sinclair doesn't take anything for granted in terms of musical direction. ' If it rocks, it might be dropped' seems to be Sinclair's current outlook on dance music. So you can expect (hard)trance, techno and hard dance in his sets. But tell's the dj: ' I played a variety of styles of dance music ranging from house, jungle to breakbeats.

Besides DJ-ing Sinclair has his radio program 'Mega Choice' on OOG Radio and he hosts a weekly internet stream called ' Streaming Elements' on the underground radio station Nautic Radio. In 1999 het started a website together with dj Mir, www.groningendance.com. This site promotes the local dance scene in and around the city of Groningen.

Artists Sinclair worked with in the past:
Tom Harding (HQ, Dance Valley) - Fausto (HQ, Dance Valley) - Marco V - Patrick Kruzeman (HQ) - Dj Joop (Trance energy) - Andy Jay (Mysteryland) - James Gray (Scotland) - DJ Eva - Bob Mc G (Scotland) - Jeroen Flamman & Abraxus (party animals/fierce ruling diva) - Spider willem (Dance Valley) - Pronti & Kalmani (538) - Luca (trininty in techno land) - Ven (trininty in techno land) - Orchid (The Palace)

Sinclair played at events such as the Extrema festival '98, Trinity in Technoland, Pulse (Glasgow), Simplon, The Citytheater, Nachtwerk, New Atraction, Drafbaan, Stadsparkpaviljoen, Serenity, The Palace, Huize Maas, The Bunker and Club Amazing.

So, what does the future hold for Sinclair?
Well says the dj: ' produce my own music and just play out my tunes and have fun with music!'

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