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Nick Wijnand
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Nick Wijnand
14 juni 1982


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Nick Wijnand

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Hi there

my name is Nick Wijnand, born June 14th, 1982 in the great metropolis of Zevenaar, the Netherlands.


How it all began

Already very young I wanted to be a DJ. At primary school I was always the one wanting to take care of the music at every party. That way I knew for sure that the music played would be the music I liked. Apparently others felt the same way as I managed to get my classmates onto the dance floor every time.


From hobby to profession

At the age of 14 I got a chance to show my talents in Café Plaza in Arnhem, the Netherlands and in 2000 I was ranked amongst the top DJ’s in the Dutch Café scene. Now, with over 15 years of experience I spin the discs in many a club in the Netherlands but also at private and business parties.


Since last year I have gone international and you can find me touring the Caribbean and various clubs in Scandinavia.


DJ & entertainer

Music and entertainment really belong together and are two of the most important elements in my life. Music for me is like a language of emotion. Choosing the right track, I can entertain just about everybody, regardless of their age and tell them my story.

For me, a DJ is a storyteller and my performance an exiting, unique story comprising a variety of chapters. Whatever story I play, I make sure I keep my public captivated and thus make them curious to find out what’s on the next page.



With a unique, easy to identify style I play a wide range of music from Urban to Dance.

I know that people recognize me from my enthusiastic appearance, my daring choice of music and my never ending energy in the DJ booth. I like to honour requests and to go to the max in trying out new things.


The audience comes first

As a fulltime DJ it’s all about music 24/7. During the day I search for and select the right music and plan the night’s performance. A good performance also requires good preparation. I try to put myself in my customers place or look at it from an audience point of view and adapt my style accordingly. The playing itself is really only the execution of a well-planned show.


My personality

Will sound like music to your ears. Intelligent, plenty of humour, empathetic, enthusiastic and plenty more, all wrapped up in over 2 meters of gorgeous packaging.


The future

The coming years I will be pushing new young talent and develop music concepts and formats, which you will find at various clubs and music venues. For myself it’s all about further enhancing my unique sound and performance and making sure I am asked to play in all sorts of places around the world. 


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