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Jeff Residenza
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23 februari 1985


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Biografie Jeff Residenza

Jeff Residenza is a DJ and producer from the Netherlands, born on 23 February 1985 in a city near Rotterdam called Dordrecht.

Music has been an important element in his whole life. Ever since elementary school he has been helping organising different party's and from he was a young boy he had an mixer in his bedroom. His passion for music is in his blood.

Nowadays he is a DJ playing mostly the following styles: House, Eclectic, Dirty House, Latin House & Urban House. Jeff Residenza has got an eye for tracks with a good and catchy beat. That's why, in his sets, he brings the sweetest beats together!

Jeff Residenza has performed in big clubs in the Netherlands such as: Beach Club Millionaires, The Fame, WoW Under, Brothers, Off_Corso and Incasa! Being in line ups with Vato Gonzalez, Quintino, Hardwell, Lucien Foort and many more.He was also a guest on various radio stations. You can count on Jeff Residenza to get the party going on the dance floor! The art of his work lies in the fact that he can combine different styles of House music perfectly.

Jeff Residenza is not only the DJ the whole world is waiting for, he is also a man with a mission, somebody who has set his goal to make sure the going-out/clubbing crowd all over the world will enjoy and the club will litarely and figurely pop and explode!

In 2011 he decides to produce his own tracks and with succes! His first track "First Wave" will be official released in July 2011. Other tracks that will be released this year are: Africana and Original Bad Boy

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