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Mrs. G-ezz
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Ashley Haak
4 august 1993


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Biography Mrs. G-ezz

Ashley Haak, born on the 4th of August in 1993, has had the dream of buying a DJ set for years. After seeing DJs perform on national television and the internet she was instantly hooked. At the age of 12 she bought her first DJ set. She started out with vinyl, nowadays she uses CDs.

She spent hours in her room developing mixing techniques. She got addicted and mixed tracks all night long in her room. When the time came to pick a name, Mrs. G-ezz was born. Inevitably, after some time she outgrew her room and started performing.

Dozens of parties were played with great success. Ashley started developing a style and technique of her own that did not go unnoticed. In 2010 she participated in the Kunstbende (a Dutch competition for young talent) and was chosen by a jury as the best DJ in the province of Utrecht under the age of 18. She also passed the semi final and went on to be chosen to be the number 3 DJ of the Netherlands.

After this she received a lot of media attention. She was a guest at the morning show of Giel Beelen(host of a major Dutch radio show) and local newspapers have written more than 7 articles about her.

Mrs. G-ezz also produces her own music since two years, and with great results! On 9 December 2010 her track "Midnight till Daylight" was released by Made2Dance Records.

March 2011 two more tracks were released. On the Spanish label 'Freaky Vibes Recordings' she released the track 'Somehow'. This is a groovy tech house track which was recieved very well by DJ's from the scene! The young and upcoming label VEEE Music also put faith in her and she recently released 'Between dreams and reality' which is a deep minimal track.

So far Mrs. G-ezz has build up a lot of live experience. She was part of the the line-up with Hardwell, Benny Rodrigues and Gregor Salto, all of which are well known Dutch DJs.
This upcoming summer she will do a lot op performances. With more then 25 bookings spread over the Netherlands summer 2011 is about to be legendary!

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