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Alex de Saint Freelance Recording & Mix Engineer / Producer / DJ

"Alex is a Techno genius and each of his sets is unique and amazing" - a recent quote used to describe the live sets of Alex De Saint. Hailing from Amsterdam, Alex has stolen the hearts of many music lovers. His live shows are always full of energy and interaction, making each set a memory imprinted on listeners. Whether he plays in clubs like Sugar Factory (Amsterdam), Technique Boutique (South Africa) or at festivals like Love Parade (Berlin), his rhythmic and melodic sets are always "body moving and mind grooving."

Alex de Saint in South Africa live tour!

My experience in South Africa has been very adventurous. In a short time I have been robbed twice and lost all my studio stuff, “welcome to South Africa.” In stark contrast to this I have met many people in the SA music scene who have helped me. Johannesburg is a very friendly place with many varied individuals. A special thanks goes to Roman Sergey, considered one of the best organizers in South Africa, who helped me find my feet again. The parties here are quite different from what we know in Europe, much smaller and not as dressed up. The sound is also more old-school.

I'm currently one of the head-line residents at a new club in South Africa. It's at one of the best spots in Sandton, Pepa Cafe and is called Technique Boutique. I'm working there with South African legend Chris Palmer, every Saturday. Chris has been involved in SA's music industry for 17 years. He's a mastering engineer by day and DJ by night. We really want to make Techno music huge in South Africa. Those who come check me out for one of my live sets are guaranteed lots of pounding bass and groovy tunes.

About Alex de Saint:

I graduated with a Masters Degree in Academics (MA) in audio Visual Technology in Hilversum. I studied 3D animation and Protools as well as all of the diverse applications you can find in the visual word like Adobe and Macromedia. I ran my own company before this supplying audio visual technology to customers. Some of these customers required me to create audio visual technologies for their web pages, amongst other things. One of my biggest projects was working for Albert Boekholt at Wisseloord Sound Studios. He was involved with huge artists like Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and many more.

History of Artists I worked with or have played with:

Albert Boekholt, Kenn Isshi, Orlando Voorn, Chris Palmer (SA), Red Wood (4 time S.A Scratch Champ, Beatboxer, 13th at the World DMC DJ Battle.), Funk D’Void, Phonic Func (Sony Music), Rutger Maree , Dj Sian, Gino (NYC), Dave Tarrida (Tresor), Dj Velasca (Colombia), Joran van de Pol, Dexon, Brian-S, Deksels, Stereo Sphere (Germany), Dj Lady Ace, The Salvador Brothers and DJ Gordon.

For more info, checkout:
http://www.residentadvisor.net/ or http://www.musicpress.nl/ or http://www.djguide.nl/


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* Sunday i'll be on the radio UJFM 19.00 till 21.00 on FM 95.4 http://www.ujfm.co.za/
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And so much more :)

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