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Peter Woodz
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Peter Woodz
4 june 1975


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Biography Peter Woodz

International Club DJ from Holland.
Resident DJ for the Full Moon Party, Xlarge, LittleSecret & Get Lounged
Producer Club, House, Dance & Trance music & remixes
DJ/Producer & Member of the GET LOUNGED DJ band.

Peter Woodz started DJing in 1992. Together with a good friend he played at many party’s with his own Drive-in show “Tropicana”.
With his love for good music from the clubscene he soon got the DJ (on vinyl) Virus and slowly bought all the real DJ equipment for his mini home studio.

After a few years of playing at all the regional schools, Hockey and Soccerclubs etc. he wanted to go further into the serious Club DJ scene.
At first that wasn’t so easy, but after a while he got recognized by his superb mixing skills and great music choice.
In 2003 he got a call if he wanted to come and play at a (Littlesins) party in Antwerp and this was his breakthrough into the DJ scene.
After this first party with other already known DJ’s from the clubscene he made the party a big success and the founders soon asked him to become their Resident DJ for all the party’s.

With a lot of great & exclusive party’s playing together with big national and international DJ’s he finally got the respect of his DJ colleague’s and the partypeople.
Some of the DJ’s he played with: Roog, Jean, Hardwell, Johan Gielen, Gregor Salto, Lucien Foort, Richard Durand, Jose, Dennis v/d Geest, Spider, Vato Gonzalez, Marco V, Quintino and lots more great Dj’s.

At this time he is still the resident DJ at all the Full Moon party’s, Xlarge, Get Lounged & LittleSecret parties.

but only DJing isn’t enough….
So a few years ago he also started producing his own tracks at the home studio. The results of that are now available at many online downloadstore’s all around the world and soon there will be more great tunes available.

Music styles from Peter are Club, House, Dance, Progressive & Trance with lots of beautifull vocals, great melodies and a uplifting vibe.
Always with the highest quality in mixing skills and with recognizable commercial influents.

Stay tuned for more Tracks, Remixes and Live Mixes and visit him at a party near you!

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