DJ Seductive
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Sander Koetze
19 mei 1986


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Biografie Seductive

When small, Sander Koetze, now better known as “Seductive”, could always be found at family parties hanging out with the band or DJ. What impressed him every time was the way the artists entertained the public. And if he got the chance to jam along, he’d do it without hesitation!

At 18 he started organizing urban parties together with friends. There was however one small problem – there was no DJ! This was his moment. Sander bought his first DJ set and started practicing night and day. The party was a massive hit! For the first time in his life, Seductive had done a six-hour set for 600 people who went completely insane the entire night. The adrenaline rush was too good to be true and Seductive wanted more!

After quite a few sold out urban events it was time for something different. House music started making its way into the club scene. Seductive had been to a party where DJ Chuckie was headlining. Chuckie was playing a whole new style and Seductive was impressed by this new sound

That’s when he started doing house but in his own creative style he added a hint of urban. Turning tables however wasn’t enough for Seductive, he now also wanted to produce his own music. After many months locked up in his bedroom the results were there, and they were great. Seductive’s first record “Underground Sound” became an instant worldwide hit. It’s not even necessary to drop names of DJs who played this tune –who didn’t?

Seductive has since been on a roll and many other hits have followed – releases on Spinnin’ Records, Samsobeats, now Dim Mak and upcoming on Mad Decent and Southern Fried Records, just to name a few. His music receives worldwide support in DJ-sets but also on the radio, from DJ’s like David Guetta, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Diplo, Steve Aoki, Sidney Samson and many more…

All his tracks aside, Seductive is also known for his fresh and energetic DJ-sets. With Seductive you can always expect the unexpected – that moment that will just make clubbers go wild. In his own words: “I always try to find a combination between pumping house with live mixed vocals with the deeper progressive sounds. During a set I live for the moment that I can push the boundaries and introduce something completely new when people least expect it, so that the experience is stronger than ever!”

Since September 2010 the stores are selling a compilation CD mixed by Seductive – the CD, called “Sexy in the House” is a result from “Sexy Events”. One of the Netherlands’ biggest party organisations, where Seductive plays as resident DJ. After also playing in Turkey, Spain, Belgium, France and the UK there are many more to follow worldwide! Keep your eyes and ears open because there is much more to come from this powerful top DJ and producer!

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