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Electric Rescue

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Music quickly becomes a passion for electric rescue, at the age of ten. In 1989, his friend modske plays him a few masterpieces of his vinyl collection, and takes him to the « Boy », the only club in Paris where those strange sounding records are played. The « ravelation » is immediate.

The year after, he gets a pair of decks, and two years later he performs in the very first parisian raves (Mozinor, Osiris, Cosmos Factory…). Electric Rescue begins to organise regular parties in 1993 : he is part of the Mentasm crew alongside Laurent and Chaotik Ramses (both founders of the D-Mention festival). From 1996 to 2001, he drives the famous EL.UE private parties, gathering the techno heads of Paris for unforgettable nights. The adventure continues today under a new party name : Play.

Juggling between many occupations, electric rescue also begins producing in 1995… In 1999, he starts the label Calme Records. He produces his own tracks under the name D’Jedi and electric rescue and many international artists like oxia, scan x, Thomas p heckmann, suburban knight, woody mc bride, neil landstrumm, ...

In 2000, he learns the basics of sound design and works for advertising films, tv commercials, .... The year after, he writes soundtracks for 2 movies.

Between 1998 and now, He released 12inches on Cocoon recordings (Germany), Boys noize records (germany), Sci+Tec (USA), AFU (germany), skryptom (france), rekluse (GB), Excentric musik (GB), Mb elektronics (belgium), 1605 (slovenia), kondens(germany), circle(germany), yellow label (germany), Fcom(france), communiqué(usa), aciiieeed rec (germ+usa), unleash (germany), sleaze (scotland), eterno (netherland), scandium(france), tropic rec(brasil), etc... his first album in 2005 “ EL.UE” on scandium records.

In 2006, he create a new label influenced by the new electronic tendances (electro, minimal and nu school techno). He wants to produce with skryptöm a modern music, dance floor, various and always help creation, favorise experimentation and discovery to propose the dance floor of a forthcoming future. Artists who appear on skryptom are julian jeweil, popof, umek, mark broom, scan x, n'to, lutzenkirchen, electric rescue, danton eeprom, laurent garnier, maxime dangles.

DJ residencies : Rex Club (paris), Play parties (paris), Astropolis events (bzh)

main gigs
air club (tokyo) japan, club 24 (yokohama) japan, D-edge and Spkz(sao paulo) brasil, dama de ferro and pista 3 (rio de janeiro) brasil, tel aviv (hatzofe) israel, rave in the deep desert israel, Moog (barcelona) spain, Egg (london) Uk, Astropolis (britany, brest France), Herr Zimmerman (rotterdam) Netherland, tresor club, club maria (Berlin) germany, schallwerk (cottbus) germany, Fluc (Vienna) Austria, usine (genova) switzerland, la ruche (lausanne) switzerland, karkof (ukrania), ciclik (spain), metro dance area (alicante) spain, rachedingue (girona) sirocco club (madrid) spain, konceptra (vienna) austria, decadence (gent) belgium, H2O belgium, Amsterdam dance event (desmet club amsterdam) Holland, Inferno (nimejgen) holland, ultimo impero (torino) italy, (valencia) spain, rex club [residency] (paris) france, techno parade (paris), (nouveau casino, batofar, play [residency], el.ue[residency], automatik[residency], cosmos factory, osiris, happy land, ...) Paris, (fat kat, BT59, domino, 4sans) bordeaux, (ice club, dune, villa rouge, scatola) montpellier, (usual, public energy, nuit rouge, attrack son, vertigo...) marseille, lyon, brest, nantes, nice, cannes, rouen, (ubu, espace) rennes, (nordik impakt, systemik) caen, belfort, grenoble, (inox, bikini) toulouse, la mez besancon, vitry le françois, metz, Strasbourg, escalier saint malo, Dijon, nancy, snowtroniks, and many more...

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