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Dave Paalhaar and Tom Verbeek


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The thought that good hardcore artists are only based in the biggest cities of the Netherlands, is a fact that has been unproven for many years now. A new generation is on its way, bringing a fresh flow that has the effect of a bottle of Stroh Rum on a sober stomach: it beats the shit out of you! Two exponents of these new kids on the block are the 24-year old Dave Paalhaar and Tom Verbeek.

The two youngsters both grew up with hip-hop, but because of their input from their families, they figured out that house music was much more their cup of tea. They met at youth centre ‘Radar’, where they took their first steps in spinning the wheels of steel. Their mentor was The Vinyl Junk, who was responsible for organising dj-courses at ‘Radar’. An initiative for what we have to be thankful for, as these courses were also the days where a golden generation of artists started their careers like T-Junction & Osiris, Cixx, Prowler and Cemon Victa.

Their first back to back set took place at one of the infamous Oldschool Madness parties. Rudeboy & Tomcat figured out that working as a tag team was like the mathematical rule: 1 + 1 = 3; a new dj-duo was born. They got booked at major parties like Megarave, Das Boot ( on the notorious MS Stubnitz submarine) and more recent Dominator, where the guys were the first act of the day to create an area that was filled like a chicken run. The Hardcore Area was left in a higher state of musical consciousness.

Dave and Tom also started to spend time in the studio, which led to some remarkable highlights. Their first production was in collaboration with Dave’s brother T-Junction: the excellent track ‘Transmigration’ was released on T-Junction’s solo-record ‘The Rise And Fall’ on The Third Movement. Also, Tomcat started to produce ringtones for the website http://www.hardtones.com . Just few moments later, T-Junction and Rudeboy were offered to remix Angerfist’s smashhit ‘The World Will Shiver’ for the 58th release on the leading Masters of Hardcore imprint. Angerfist was that much impressed, that Rudeboy & Tomcat went to his studio to work on a common EP for Masters of Hardcore. These sessions resulted in three excellent tracks: ‘TNT’, ‘Put It Up’ and the loaded anthem ‘Alles Kut, Enter’, referring to the negative ‘bitching’-culture on various internetfora.

The world is wide open to Rudeboy & Tomcat, and they are part of the artists who are considered to be the men to watch in 2008. Their high-energetic sets and unstoppable enthusiasm behind the decks are a true blessing for the senses. Give these two remarkable guys some space, and they will leave everything torn apart…

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