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When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite” William Blake, "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" [1730-1732] There are artists that spend a lifetime waiting for success to find them. Then there are artists who spend a lifetime creating their own legacy, quietly confident that their time will come. For Paul Edge, that time is now. It is a time marked by the culmination of success, synergy and an unwavering spiritual energy. Seduced by the pulse of electronica, allured to the soul and spiritual swagger of psychedelic music, and beckoned by the power and energy of guitar-driven anthems, DJ Paul Edge has spent the past decade refining his craft, breaking down boundaries, and redefining how the art he creates can alter the world he inhabits. The results are Psychedelic Dance Music. A pioneering force and presence as electronic music blossomed worldwide throughout the 1990s, DJ Paul Edge simultaneously headlined and promoted one of the United Kingdom’s longest-running and mostsuccessful club nights, The Outer Limits, while creating and performing music that is still heralded for putting a permanent thumb print on the Underground Dance Scene. It was in 2004 that Edge decided to climb the mountain that few of the world’s top DJs had dared to confront: The United States. With the American electronic scene existing as little more than a trickling, if not stagnant, underground, Edge rode the same psychedelic aura that inspired The Outer Limits and his acclaimed Trance track Metamorphosis Of Narcotics into the next wave of his career, seamlessly melding his trance and techno vibrations with America’s penchant for heavy-handed hard rock heroics. Consciously removing himself from the limelight for the past few years, Edge’s focus was singular and defined, and his creativity never wavered. He became an American citizen, embraced American culture, and found inspiration in a land and people that were little more than an afterthought as he was emerging in England, halfway around the world. The results are his most inspired and profound creative stretch as an artist, and the proof is in a bevy of new material that builds on the creative arc of his past, launching Psychedelic Dance Music spiraling into the future. In his original compositions, all written and produced, in entirety, by Edge, acidic techno, driving guitars,ethereal soul and unearthly Native American music blend brilliantly, bobbing and weaving, ducking and jabbing, and sparring their way to a sound that is as infectious as it is innovative. Enter the world of The Shaman DJ, and the realm of Psychedelic Dance Music DJ PAUL EDGE: Timeline 2009 Woody McBrides Commique release a two track ep on Communique Digital featuring tracks The Rhythm and Nitrous. Remix completed for DJ Ionic titled Holographic World (Paul Edge Rework) to be released early 2009. In depth interview published for esteemed US zine Beyond Race. The Psychedelic Dance Music Myspace Page tops 3,000,000 plays and 1.5 million profile views, making Edge one of the top techno artists on Myspace. Edge`s debut cameo appearance on CSI airs in Europe from February 2009.Expected viewership to exceed 60 million. New DJ Paul Edge website launches. 2008 Inspired by techno icon Woody McBride`s request, Edge licenses a number of tracks to the Communiquée label. First release was on the "Aciiieed Vol 1" compilation on 03.03 2008. The Unstoppable movie, commissioned by Climate Counts makes the final selection to be shown at the Vancouver Film Festival on February 26. More screenings at film festivals are expected during 2008. The number one recording artist in America, Jack Johnson, chooses to use Unstoppable at every concert on his world wide sold out tour, starting in Australia and New Zealand. Launched on June 19 2007, the MySpace home of Psychedelic Dance Music tops 2,000,000 plays in less than 10 months, an unprecedented feat for an underground dj. We Will Not Be Silenced reaches the milestone of 8,000,000 plays in March 2008 and is attributed the handle of "the greatest piece of agit-prop of all time" by many involved in the internet community. Unveiling a steady stream of new music to an online audience, Edge emerges as one of the Internet’s top unsigned DJs, his MySpace profile views topping the 1 million mark in less than 18 months, and his plays topping the 2 million mark And counting. DJ Paul Edge marks his return to the international club scene on CSI, the world’s No. 1 television show. He appears as himself in the Oct. 30 episode, spinning two original tracks Release Yourself and LSDevil as well as his rework of Stone Temple Pilots’ Sex Type Thing. The episode attracts 19.2 million viewers in the US alone. Paul Edge completes his first interview in 2 years for leading online website, Artist Direct. The interview attracts an unprecedented amount of reads. 2007 DJ Paul Edge performs live for the first time in two years June 15, in Portland, OR. Unveiling the next chapter in his artistic evolution, his two-hour set is all new, and composed entirely of his own music, production and video. Dubbed The Shaman DJ, Edge’s Psychedelic Dance Music fuses his innovative techno and trance with psychedelic culture and state-of-the-art sound and visuals. In response to the demand of an ever growing younger fan base, Edge launches the MySpace Psychedelic Dance Music page to help promote his new genre. Climate Counts hires Edge to create "Unstoppable", a viral video promoting global climate change commissioned specifically for the worldwide Live Earth concerts July 7. 2006 "We Will Not Be Silenced II" is written, recorded and launched online, utilizing cutting-edge Cinema 3D and After Effects technology. In it, Edge samples Barry McGuire’s ‘60s folk anthem "Eve of Destruction". Says McGuire: "We are totally overwhelmed. There are no words to convey the power of that piece" Flabbergasted and honored that ‘Eve’ might have helped inspire such a work Edge gives his first interview for 2 years to German collective FOEM. He also allows FOEM to release Tribal Gathering on a digital only album. Tribal Gathering is the first Psychedelic Dance Music release. 2005 In the wake of the Dec. 26 tsunami that killed more than 225,000 people in Southeast Asia, Edge writes and records "Melissa". Available only online, all proceeds are donated to tsunami relief. After hearing his recreation of "Five To One" in February, The Doors authorize Edge to move forward with "Unlock the Doors". Maintaining the integrity of the band and keeping their seminal recordings intact, Edge’s production reignites The Doors’ catalog for the new millennium. Following Hurricane Katrina, DJ Paul Edge and The Doors launch NOLA AID, a website featuring a video of Katrina ravaged images set to Edge’s rework of "Riders On The Storm. The site receives more than 500,000 visits, raising $250,000 for The American Red Cross and other direct charities. Legendary US filmmaker Michael Moore endorses We Will Not Be Silenced on his website. RELATED LINKS MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/psychedelicdancemusic DJ Paul Edge: http://www.djpauledge.com We Will Not Be Silenced: http://www.wewillnotbesilenced.com NOLA Aid: http://www.nolaaid.com
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