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.. Profyler f.k.a. Marlon S. born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands 23rd of November 1981 as Marlon Schot.

He is well known as the producer behind the successful duo Bad Boyz. He has released several tracks on major labels as Tremble Tracks, Rotterdam Tekno and Seismic Records. With his tracks he is featured on several compilation albums and he has done several remixes for other artists. Also as a solo-artist, Marlon S has been very successful so far, as well as under his synonym “Da Hustler”. Marlon was infected by the house music virus at a very early age.

Mostly influenced by his older brother who already started buying records in 1992, Marlon started to listen more and more to house music. It started with music which is now known as early rave and hardcore, later in the mid- and late-nineties his interests shifted away into clubhouse. At that point he started to buy records himself and from there he slowly started to create his own music on software based tracker programs. In the beginning of 2000 he also started clubbing and started visiting several houseparties, when he got more and more into hard dance. In respect to producing he got more serious and when people started telling him that his productions sounded very skillful he decided to put a few of his songs on a demo CD. When DJ Mars (which was a resident-DJ of the well known Hollywood Music Hall) listened to the CD, he got very excited and immediately played one of the songs, which was well received by the crowd at that moment. They went completely mad! This encouraged Marlon to create more songs and as they were played more and more in the Hollywood club it drew the attention of DJ Patrick who was the manager and also in charge of the Hollywood Music Hall label “Danceplanet Recordings”. September 2003 “Beat back” was released and though DJ Patrick linked his name to the record he really had nothing to do with it. Beat back was well received and played by several hard house dj’s.

In the meantime Marlon accepted an offer to become one of the resident dj’s of the Hollywood Music Hall. Later that same year “Put the needle on the record” was released and this was an even bigger success. Again DJ Patrick linked his name to the record and from that point Marlon decided to look for an alternative to release his productions. The alternative came via DJ Mars which had become a good friend in the mean time.

Mars had several connections with people of Midtown Records including famous DJ Panic(also known as Balistic) and gave one of the demo’s to listen to. They were interested and certainly because they had decided to start up a new sublabel of Seismic records called Tremble Tracks and could use some fresh talents. In the spring of 2004 “Shake Thiz” was released and was an immediate smash club-hit.

From that point Marlon S teamed up with DJ Mars forming the duo Bad Boyz. Slowly Bad Boyz was becoming one of the biggest Dutch Jump acts around. This resulted in that Marlon had to stop as a resident dj and had to focus more and on the Bad Boyz. After releasing their Wicked Soundz EP they were asked to create a remix for the Decibel Anthem of 2004, another hit and they became one of the main attractions of the Decibel festival that same year. They were booked for gigs all over the north of Europe and big party's like: Defqon, Hardbass,Bassleader,Reverze and many more.

In 2006 after releasing 8 EP’s on Tremble Tracks and the Rotterdam Tekno Label the release of the “Remix Project” marked the beginning of the end for the Bad Boyz. One of the big reasons behind it was that Marlon wanted to expand his horizons so both Marlon as Mars decided to go their separate ways, though still friends and still doing dj-gigs through-out 2007. Marlon in the meantime released a few EP’s under his own name and started to co-produce more and more with his good friend Digital Punk who was also signed to the Tremble tracks label. They had decided to focus more on Hardstyle and created their first Hardstyle production and after working really intensive on the track for a few months, Seismic records had become really interested. This resulted in the release of “Bringing the funk” EP end of March 2008.

This hard hardstyle track with a very catchy melody of a well known track is already well received by all major harddance dj’s and a fast climber in the vinyl charts list. This will only lead to more releases in the near future! In 2009 Marlon started a new project under the name: Profyler , And again he finished a new bangin' EP with his buddy Digital punk called Dark Symphony//Rock the party and will be released in Feb 2009!!

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