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26 januari 1981


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Biografie E-Sonic

Music has always been a part of DJ/Producer E-SONIC his life, it’s his passion!

It all started when he and his older cousins joined as a dance group, performing in the well known clubs at that time, such as Metropool and Palace. Music is everything to him, it’s his life. He wakes up with music, goes to sleep with music and can’t drive his car without music turned on, whether it’s a CD or the radio station providing him with good vibes.

To E-SONIC his opinion music determines your mood of the day. Listening to ballads when you’re in a romantic mood; the old school Motown classics (which he secretly listened to when his mom would play those records). Or something up-tempo when you are in a more active mood.

E-Sonic has been spinning records on a professional level for four years now. At first he started out with playing R&B. After a little while he broadened his musical horizon and came to the conclusion that his favorite styles to play are Club House, Latin House and old school classic like 80’s disco and New Jack Swing.

Some of the clubs he performed at the past couple of years includes Sinners,Jimmy Woo,Hotel Arena,Rain, Zebra Lounge,Panama,marcanti Bloomingdale,Wauw,Zenith,Bobs,Brothers,off Corso,Thalia Lounge and many more.. Something that in first instance started out as a hobby has became one of my biggest passions. He enjoys spinning in clubs, watching how people enjoy the music, letting go of all the stress and emotion inside of them…

Also E-SONIC and his partner Louis Bailar started a label record called BOOTH FUNK RECORDS. The charactaristic sound from the two artists has brought them to several hit positions in the Dance-Tunes top20 charts, and even got them in the Dutch top100 charts for 3 weeks and the Dutch Dance top30 charts for over 6 weeks. Tracks are currently signed at Filthy House Music (Lucky Charmes), B-Bass Music (Carlos Barbosa, Glenn-B) and Booth Funk Records.



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