DJ Fasta
Real name:
Vinod Khargi
5 june 1986


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Biography Fasta

The Story

Vinod Khargi alias Dj Fasta was born in Rottterdam (The Netherlands) , grewing up in a small-town called village Hellevoetsluis, nearby Rotterdam.

The name Fasta , is a combination of two words, ‘’Fast’’ because of his energetic mixing-styl, and the letter ‘’A’’, cause anything can happen, when he hits the decks, both together makes it Fasta.

His dj-ing began with the love for music. At the age of eight he started to play the violin and at the of twelve he start playing the drums. Grewing up, in a musical environment where all kinds of music where exposed to his ears, he gets the opportunity to discover different genres and disciplines of it.

Due to his cultural background, his parents lived in Surinam with roots in India, and living in the Netherlands, that definitely influenced and explained his diverse taste of music.

‘’I remembered me as a young kid searching through my parents huge record collection in the basement. Everyday I found out something new what I liked, spending the whole day long listening and experimenting with it. Nowadays, i play what i like, so when you see me in the club, you can expect anything from any musical perspective’’

His first experience with dj-ing, began when his older brother(Ravi) bought some dj-equipment. That’s when he switched his violin for the other instrument, the turntable. From them on there was no stopping him, practicing every minute of the day to get better and better.

Talking about better, in ‘’06 , he competed to a dj-talentscout in the well known veneu, NOW&WOW(Rotterdam), where he won the prize for best ‘’Urban-Eclectic Act’’ and ended as the second-runner up.

The jury consisted from, Ted Langebach, Leroy Styles, Jermaine S and Secret Simba, compared him with the well-known Dj Chuckie and described him as talented, skilled and an eye to catch on for the future.

In ‘’08 he took part at the national dj contest of BNN. It was the search from the Dutch Tv- programma ‘’URBNN’’ for the best Eclectic dj of the Netherlands. This was broadcasted on the Dutch Television. After winning the quarter and semi-final, he became second in the competition. The jury ( The Partysquad, BNN, Girls Love Dj’s, BED) consider him as one of the most talented Eclectic dj’s from the Netherlands.

His passion for music, makes sure that he is able to rock all kind of crowds anytime and anywhere. Promotors place him easily on a sleazy housegig or on a Undergroundparty. Blending all different styles to one, from electro to hiphop, breakbeats to latin, dancehall to broken beats and so on. With his dirty tricks, turntable-skills and unique flow, he can heat up every place. If there are five words to describe his sounds, these will be energetic, crowd-moving, retro, funky and spicy to heat up the place.

DJ Fasta is stepping up his game by rocking different venues and getting his name out there. He already rocked some well known (inter)national venues as Thalia Lounge(R’dam),Off Corso(R’dam), Maassilo(R’dam), Hotel Arena(A’dam), Club Powerzone(A’dam), Club Mondial, Club Areena(Marmaris) and Club Joy(Marmaris) to name some.

His skills and tricks didn’t go unnoticed by promoters and allows him to play at some exotic spots on the world, such as Marmaris(Turkey) and Goa(India). Everything he has done up till now has just been a work experience. The next level is yet to come…. Keep an eye for him in the near future, cuz there is more to come ….

Motto: ''The good things are everywhere, it’s just how you make use of it.’’

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