DJ G-Licious
Real name:
Gregory Vrede
11 april 1985


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Biography G-Licious

Artist Name : G-Licious a.k.a. Mr. Do It All Real Name : Gregory Vrede Born : 11th April in Amsterdam the Netherlands Currently Living in : Lelystad The Netherlands DeeJay since : 1998

Historical Events:

Sexy Mother Fucker, So Fucking Sexy, Super Freakz, Now&Wow(Rotterdam),2Sexy(NewOrleans),SeanPaul(Surinam), Elephant(Surinam), AllStars(Jamaica), Urban Alert(Russia) International : U.S.A., Jamaica, Paris, Russia, Surinam

Philosphy : If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will…

"Simply take literally changing the face of club fashion with his trendsetting, redefining sense of style and signature shiny wardrobe, to his booty-shakin'ghetto people set's; G-Licious has took down everyone who is envy..." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born 11th of April 1985, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) grew up in this country with all types of music which later influenced his style. "Style goes with the culture and the MUSIC" says G-Licious. In every stage of his life, he couldn’t live without music. But his knowledge of music expanded when he goes to church to sing. He started writing down his lyrics and match to instrumentals since he went to the church to singing . But "This couldn't be it" muses G-Licious. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He felt he had to do whatever it takes to spread the culture he grew up in. Deejay’ ing was the first thing that came up to his mind. He could easily reach different types of crowds and do his thing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-Licious has attracted attention since 2002 when he started the event/booking organisation "Platinum Crew" realized his skills all around, being a DJ and a promotor in his and his visited countries. He is not just your average deejay. He is a the deejay who brought this kind of music to all kinds of clubs. At first managers were a little suspicious if it is going to work out but as the parties he threw were superb, they had no reason for being unpleasant to continue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dj G-Licious Him Self ;) On his belt hang the titles of DJ and the C.E.O. of Platinum Crew. After seeing his outrageous performance on the scene, one of the best dj’s and artists of Europe and U.S.A. tagged him - G-LICIOUS It’s All Delicious -. He mixes all genres of hip-hop, R&B, latin, dance classics, ragga, 2step, garage definate crazy mix not letting the crowd feel strange about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a self-thought deejay, he honed his skills through careful examination of Dj-Oriented tracks found on most major releases of the time. His musical selection found lots of admirers within the music scene. He has turned a personal hobby into a commodity and a booming industry all on his own. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2004 his ghetto smack set’s found lover’s and started getting’ booked (inter) nationally. Got resident in Paris Club VIP; Surinam; Jamaica ; The Netherlands and Russia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In This section of the website I also wanna make place for the persons who kept me on this road and keep me doing what I’m doing. In this business you can fall and rise and wanna thank these people for helping me up and rise again:

First of All God, my parents and family, my son Greyliano, Family Cijntje, Ashanna Luster, DJ battle, Dj Lady S, Malu Hof, DJ Eli, DJ Zoontje, Dj Waxfiend, 4SHO, DJ QT, DJ GameOva, Zacairo, Ziggy, DJ Skribble, Platinum Family, Platinum International, Platinum Status, Marques, Omarion, Bobby and all the people I forget put you know you’re on this list.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You better keep up because G-Licious can shift gears so fast you'll get whiplash... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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