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ALEX MOTU has been active in the dutchhouse scene since 1989. He started as a light-jockey in de “Waakzaamheid” in Koog a/d Zaan, where he was working together with Eelco Anceaux (Chemistry - Amsterdam). Shortley after, he was asked by Jeffrey “Abraxas” Porter (Fierce Ruling Diva), for sound and light support at “PLANET E”. A weekly clubnight in the Koggestraat in Amsterdam. When Planet E had to close, Jeroen Flamman (Fierce Ruling Diva) and his partner Jeff Porter, opened up the first and famous “SUBTOPIA” afterparty-boat behind the Central Station (scaffolding 14) - Amsterdam, where Alex, again, was responsible for the sound and lights as well as being a DJ. This is where he worked together with artists like Gino Lightner, Abraxas, Flamman, Jeroen Homan, Armando (USA), LFO (UK), Eddie “Flashin” Fowlkes (Detroit), Juan Atkins (Detroit) … and others.

Around the same time he squatted a premises at the Joden Breestraat, corner Waterlooplein (Amsterdam), together with Harrie Wildeman (“Supperclub”) and started up another weekly afterparty called “MORNING GLORY”. This is where he spinned with artists and DJ's like Per, Gino Lightner, Crazy Shaun … and others.

Shortly after that, at the squatted Buitenwieringenstraat (the 3rd floor premises where part of the “SUBTOPIA” crew were living!) there were massive home/house parties with even live-acts by Fierce Ruling Diva, XLR8, Juan Atkins and ofcourse live DJ's. Also, at the old squatted porn movie theatre (“Parisien”) across the road, the crew created parties with the most crazy and amazing decorations. These were the best underground parties of the beginning of the housescene, in Amsterdam.

Eventually in 1992, Alex and the “SUBTOPIA” crew ended up in the north of Amsterdam where they rented a big loft (capacity 1000+) , and started a new weekly night called “TRANSIT”. For about 6 months the whole crew were playing together with DJ’s like Per, Dano and Keoki (NYC) at this major underground warehouse.

Upto 1997 Alex organised several underground parties together with DJ Miss Wendy in and around Amsterdam on locations like “Mazzo”, “Repetitiehuis”, “Okshoofd”, “Akhnaton” and “Catacombe”.

It was around the same time that his knowledge and longterm experience were well appreciated, and asked for, by DJ and organizer Vandy O'Mall from the wellknown “HOUR POWER” and “After HOUR POWER” in Escape Venue - Amsterdam and Lexion Venue in Westzaan. This is where Alex was held responsible for the promotion, together with Diana Josso and decorations, together with Jarmo & Aphrodite (Ibiza, NL) of the hot and busy weekly sunday nights in Amsterdam and sundaymornings in Westzaan.

And around 2000 Alex also took care of the design and complete layout of the light system at the one and only number one afterclub of Amsterdam, “DINO’s”.

Since then he has been working on his own musicproductions as well as organising his own “TEC909”, “NOSHIT!” (P3 – Purmerend - NL), “CLUB CREAM” (Eindelijk Weer – Almere - NL) and “MINX EXCLUSIVE” parties (Escape Venue – Amsterdam - NL), together with DJ Miss Wendy.

His music can be defined as deep and sophisticated these days, as well as his weekly radioshow “DEEP AMSTERDAM” (LIVE  Broadcast!) which airs on mondaynight from 10-12pm GMT // 4-6pm CST // 11pm Dutch zone at Dogglounge.com. A journey into the DEEP with Alex Motu from Amsterdam…sometimes with guests.

Also as the “909 CONNECTION” Alex Motu & DJ Miss Wendy play and produce deeptechhouse and techno and perform regularly as this tech-team at “What Is On Your Mind” -  Korsakoff  in Amsterdam.

And if all that ain’t enough … since 2009 they have been running their own TV production company … creating Amsterdam Dance Radio & TV. Broadcasting live on radio & TV, as well as on the internet.

The first ever and one and only Dance Radio and TV show in the history of the capitol of Holland … Amsterdam.

In the meantime Alex can also express his neverending love for good sound,lights and lasers at www.xlsound.nl


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