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365Live, the artist alias of Auke Ferwerda, is a live act-DJ hybrid that came into being after Auke discovered the virtues of Ableton, and soon after sold his CDJ's. Excited by the new platform, DJ' sessions became mixed with production try-outs, whilst production gained the speed and dynamics of a live DJ-set.

With 365live!, his most important alias, Auke has only just started his career as a producer, but is already harvesting critical acclaim. His initial tracks have received plaudits from the likes of DJ Yellow (Fr) (who is doing a 365Live! remix), Petter (Se) and Guy J(IL), whilst his productions with studio partner Chris Beemster (a.k.a. Miniasola) have jointly put them on the release schedule of labels such as Gilb'r's Versatile(Fr) and Hans Peter Lindstroms Feedelity Records.

Performancewise, things are picking up momentum. After several shows at Holland's topclubs Panama (Amsterdam), Het Patronaat (Haarlem) and Doornroosje (Nijmegen), playing alongside diverse acts such as Danny Howells, Sasha, Dj Deep, Steve Lawler, but also Henrik Schwarz and Dixon, 365live! has shown a serious capability to rock the house, with an intricate blend of minimal, electrohouse and neotrance, alongside other genres, always with a knack for melody and an ear for catchy hooks.

The rumors spread quickly, as DJ Per's Earth bookings invited him over for a DJ set, and promptly added him to the roster. Ever since 365live! has joined the earth family, where he is already working with DJ Onno for a release, and planning new material with Estroe in the near future.

Auke Ferwerda (1980), picked up DJ-ing in 2001, after his dot.com business ceased to exist. He had been playing piano and jazz improvisation for more than a decade, and was inspired by the melodic Drum and Bass movement at the time. The technology of employing three technics turntables in the mix allowed him a wider than usual canvas for experiments, and effects, but faded a bit when D&B became as tough as it is today.

Ever since the technological dimension of electronic music has been of his interest, as well as remaining an avid music collector, but things started moving when he caught Sasha and his Maven controller at Dance Valley. One of the staff members of international dance e-zine 365mag.com, the idea arose to start playing live as well, employing the latest in technology such as Jazzmutant's Lemur touch screen controller, in support, and supported by the magazine. Although 365live and 365mag.com are independent actors, Auke's work as an editor during the day, and as a producer/ performer during the night, provide him with the consistent musical diet he longs for. Watch this guy, as with more than ten releases on international labels during the last six months, there is hardly anything that can stop him now!

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