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As a nine year old boy, I gave up soccer (wich I sucked at) for singing at a kids choir. In a massive studio built in an old church in Veenendaal (Holland) we recorded albums for kids such as Christmas songs and the kids for animals project. Singing went really well and I had my first look in a professional recording studio, wich turned me on big time. When I was not singing I was sitting behind the mixers pretending to be the technician. Later on I also did some recordings there after having some explanation.

When I was ten years old, I started voice acting on movies. Through the last ten years I have done many, many movies and still doin' it. At my 14th I left the choir. I was becoming a teenager and singing is just not cool at that age.. But I still had my first dj mixer wich I had for my 12th birthday. After a few years of eating dust under the bed, I suddenly decided that I had to become a DJ. I lent some money, bought my first second hand turntables and connected 'em to my old mixer.

That was the moment of big influence on the rest of my life. Deep inside I knew it: This was gonna be it. It took me little time to discover that if a dj wants to be somebody, producing is a must. Without any expectations I downloaded Fruity Loops and locked myself into my room for hours, days, weeks. I don't know why, I just did it, as if it spoke for itself. But the endless trial and error sessions brought me to a higher level in fast tempo. I was 17 at that time.

The Djing was also going great. Me and my best friend Bobby (DeeJ-010) did a dj contest for DefQon 1 (Q-dance) and we made it to the festival. This was my first big party to play on.

After one and a half years the local newspaper brought me to a new record store in Veenendaal (again). They turned out to be a starting record label to and I gave them my productions. A few months later, the first record, with the a-side produced by Bobby (DeeJ-010) and the b-side represented by me, was a fact. (Nasty D-Tuners - Check Ya Head) It didn't take long for the second release, also a cooperation with Bobby, to be pressed. (Nasty D-Tuners - Breaking the Rules) Both records are played on big parties, by big Dj's from all over the world.

At that time I was already negotiating with Dov "The Prophet" Elkabas, the big boss from Scantraxx records (the best Hardstyle label there is). It took a while, but at the end of 2005, he offered me and Bobby an artist contract. Of course we signed it! And yes, we're in good hands.

Since that time everything started going really fast. I played on Q-base 2005 (Airport Weeze, Gerymany) and together with Bobby on XQlusive The Prophet (Heineken Music Hall).

And the story continues..

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