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Promoter, dj, producer but most of all, Norman Soares is the most requested percussionist in the Dutch club scene. He’s been around for 10 years now and is still playing on his famous white drums. (Adams Percussion gave Norman his own special signature percussionset) Every week Norman performs in popular clubs all around Holland and abroad, like Spain, Germany and Greece. 10 years.... you must wonder what he’s been doing during that time? Well, we can tell you. Ever heard of Sensation? Norman played there. Mystery Land? Free Your Mind Festival? With Tiësto at the Loveparade? Timewarp? Extrema? We could go on and on and one... He is the most popular percussionist in Holland and this is not just a sales one liner. He’s not only grown to be the clubbers most favourite live artist, but also of the dj’s. Benny Rodrigues, Erick E and Roog, the three main players of the Dutch clubscene need no introduction. And Norman is their favourite percussionist. And like MC Gee, the king of the mic, says: “Norman is the number 1 percussionist from Holland. To the beat of the drum... BANGBANG!”. The reason why Norman is a one of a kind percussionist, is that he truly listens to what a dj plays.. There’s a difference in just playing an instrument, or listening to what the music tells you.. He adepts completely to the music of the dj.. With Norman on percussion you will give so much more energy to your event, you won’t be dissapointed! Norman often combines his famous percussion performance with a dj set. In the summer of 2009 he’s been playing in Europe’s popular holiday destination Chersonissos in Greece. Norman and his girlfriend/manager Iris are the ones reponsible for the line-ups and production of the very popular Beachflirt and Lovestar parties at Star Beach. His dj sets at Star Beach raised alot of eyebrows, even Hardwell was very surprised of his performance! This percussionist does not only play the drums, he's becoming a killer dj aswell! Especially because of the summer anthem he produced with dj Prunk. Cirque du Soleil is the summer hit of 2009, played in many holiday destinations around Europe. And let’s not forget The Netherlands. Everyone who has been to a festival this summer, must have heard this track. Favourite among dj’s such as Benny Rodrigues. The track is due to release on the 22nd of October on Masal Recordings of dj Madskillz. His solo release will be released at the international label of Strom Recordings, and together with Unders (Awakenings, Time Warp, Studio 80) he will release 2 killer tracks on Sound Architecture. Even after 10 years as a professional dance artist, Norman Soares has many more tricks up his sleave, so keep your eyes out for this multitalent! Wanna know more? You can follow him wherever you want, Norman is everywhere! www.normansoares.nl www.myspace.com/normansoares www.facebook.com/normansoares www.twitter.com/normansoares soaresbeats.hyves.nl

Norman played in the following countries: - Koln, Germany (Bacardi B-LIVE) - Berlin, Germany (Love Parade, Tiesto truck) - Hinterglemm, Switserland (Tanzimel) - Crete, Greece (Amnesia) - Crete, Greece (Starbeach) - Kopenhagen, Danmark (Club Ratpack) - Cascais, Portugal (Quinta de marinha) - Zurich, Zwitserland, (Club Labyrinth) - Val Thorens, France (Malaysia) - Moscow, Russia - Valencia, Spain (club M) - Barcelona, Spain - Istanbul, Turkey (TV Show for Holland) - San francisco, USA (Shine) - San Jose , USA - Curacao (Mambo beach) - Amman, Jordan - Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan - Temple of Hercules, Jordan (Bacardi) - Beirut, Lebanon (Philip Morris)

Plays at big events and festivals:

- Sensation 2006 - Mysteryland 2007 - Pleasuredome 2008 - Pinkpop 2003 - Extrema Outdoor 2003 - Extrema Outdoor 2004 - Extrema Outdoor 2006 - Trance Energy 2006 - Lovefields 2004 - Lovefields 2006 - Loveparade (Berlin) 2004 - Danceparade (Zurich) 2004 - Solar 2006 - Solar 2007 - (FFWD) Danceparade (NL) 2005 - (FFWD) Danceparade (NL) 2006 - Luxurush 2005 - Paaspop 2004 - Emporium 2005 - Emporium 2006 - Emporium 2007 - Emporium 2008 - Matrixx @ the park 2006 - Matrixx @ the park 2007 - Dancehill 2005 - Free your mind 2006 - FFWD parade 2004 - FFWD parade 2006 - Free Funk Festival 2004 - Free Funk Festival 2005

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