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DJ Paralizer, born Alex de Ras in 1974, has been spinning hardcore since 1993. In these early days he joined Dance2Eden as a crewmember and in 1994 he set up one of Holland’s first hardcore radio shows: Eden Radio. In 1995, the Paralizer became resident DJ for Dance2Eden and was booked at big events like Mad Max, Ghosttown, Hellraiser and Digital Overdose.

In 1996, he co-founded the successful hardcore act MD&A and co-produced two 12-inches containing well-known hits like ‘the Cracken’ and ‘Bassed up groove’. For the hit track ‘Braindead’, a video clip was shot during a live performance for over 10.000 hardcore freaks at Raver’s Religion in Kardinge, Groningen. The video was shown weekly at the TMF show ‘Hakkuh’.
A year later Paralizer left MD&A and started producing solo-tracks. On the self-founded label Dance2Eden records he released a 5-track EP, containing the title track ‘Move your body’, which was hammered by all hardcore jocks around the world. Also the raw underground track ‘Bizarcore’ was picked up by several well known compilation albums.

DJ Paralizer’s generally well-praised choice of records is the key to his success and is a result of his wide taste of music. He was mainly inspired by oldschool hip-hop artists like the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy and artist experimenting with electronic music like Bomb the bass. DJ Paralizer gives you the chance to re-live the sound and feeling from the good old years 1991-1998: Oldschool and early hardcore. Get shocked by the Paralizer.


Releases on 12 inch:

DJ Paralizer - Move your body (D2E001, Dance 2 Eden records)
A1 Move Your Body
A2 Smoke Up My Ass
B1 Bizarcore
B2 Go
B3 Battle for the Mind

MD&A - the Cracken (RR001, Raver’s religion records)
A1 MD&A - The Cracken
A2 MD&A - The Best Is Fresh
A3 MD&A - I'm Hardcore

MD&A - Bassed up groove (GAB002. Gabberhead records)
A1 MD&A - Bassed Up Groove
A2 MD&A - Vinyl Junkies
B1 MD&A - No Boundaries
B2 MD&A - Touch That Stereo

Tracks on compilations:

One More Fucking Thing
Appears on:
Hardcore 5 (EVA)
Ravers Religion The Third Chapter (Dance Pool)
Brain Damage (MECADO)
Gabberhead (XSV Music)

Appears on:
Gabberhead 2 (XSV Music)

Move your body
Appears on:
Raver's Night Part VI (XSV Music)
Ghosttown - The Early Hardcore Compilation (Sony BMG)

Battle For The Mind
Appears on:
Ravers Religion - The Hardcore Fantasy (Dance Pool)

Smoke Up My Ass
Appears on:
Trip II Dreamland (XSV Music)

Appears on:
Heroes Of Hardcore - The Darkraver, DJ Gizmo, DJ Isaac (ID&T)

MD&A - The Cracken
Appears on:
Bassrave (BMG)
Gabberdome 4 - Paragon (5th Gear)
Raver's Night Part IV (XSV Music)
Ravers Religion - Hardcore Beats (Dance Pool)

MD&A - The Best Is Fresh
Appears on:
Hardcore Warriors (2xCD) 80 Aum Records

MD&A - I'm Hardcore
Appears on:
Ravers Religion: The 2nd Chapter - Braindead (Dance Pool)
The Devil's Choice - Independence Day (XSV Music)
Brain Damage (MECADO)

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