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Mike Vandee was born and raised in the Netherlands. His passion for music throughout his life made the choice, to become a DJ and Music Producer, a very simple one.. In 1993 Mike Vandee founded "Royal Mellowdies" Underground Dance Events in cooperation with his close friend Marc Zieck. After a short period of time "Royal Mellowdies" turned out to be a highly successful underground dance concept. These events took place at A1 locations and some alternative clubs. Having collected records since 1991, Mike Vandee also started exploring the huge variety in styles of house music available at that time ! In "no time" his collection of vinyl expanded and soon after that he started playing at The Royal Mellowdies Events. DJ Royal Mike was born and shortly after that he became resident DJ, which resulted in invitations to come and play in a lot of other clubs as well. Besides these events he played twice a week in a local Bar - Dancing ( Gabors) and stood behind the decks for 5 or 6 hours, which gave him the opportunity to test out several styles of mixing and take people into a musical journey for 6 hours in a row…. When his best friend and Co - Promoter of Royal Mellowdies died due to a car accident in 1998, Mike Vandee was devastated and couldn’t be bothered to spin that much or even organize an event at all. It took him a period of at least 3 years to recover from this emotional blow and take up spinning records on a weekly basis again. So from 2000 on he started to play on a weekly basis as a resident DJ at «O» Dance Theatre, The Hague. Eventually he was playing again at several clubs throughout The Netherlands. 2003 was the year that Mike Vandee decided to become a full time " Professional DJ / Producer" and realized that playing records wasn’t enough anymore, so he got himself a studio setup and started exploring the possibilities of electronic music production. In 2005 Mike Vandee took some time off, stopped playing his sets in the clubs, to focus on some serious matters like for instance : Self Reflection and Studying Universal Laws. He was convinced that his life needed a critical 180° turn around before he could really start his professional DJ Career. By the end of 2006 he managed to produce 9 tracks and created several ideas for upcoming tracks. He maintains the same approach to his productions as to his sets, combining a variety of influences and styles fused together. The result is funky, deep, soulful, energetic, powerful, sexy and uplifting house music for life…As his productions grow stronger and stronger it is to be expected that releases of his work will be available around 2007. MUSIC / STYLE: Mike Vandee is a true House DJ, a natural born performer and mixes absolutely remarkable! When he stands behind the decks he literally steps into another world and passionately passes on his love for music and all that lives to the crowd, filling the room with an exhilarating positive energy which is almost touchable. Mr. Vandee is one of those few guys who will move and groove behind the decks just because he has to. This talented House DJ likes to take the dance floor through a very spontaneous and most energetic mix into the realms of quality house music. Whether its Electro, Latin, Tribal, Minimal, Tech, Groove, Vocal, Dubby, Tracky, Percussive, or Proggy, the sound always remains soulful and funky with a bite, to keep you fresh and awake out on the dance floor. His urge to collect records throughout the years, focusing on several styles, resulted in a huge and varied collection today. Having played with some of the finest DJ’s of this planet, he gained a lot of experience and picked up on a lot of different techniques. So, on the dance floor its best described as "Warm, Deep and Groovy Vibes taking you to Hot Funky Slammin’ House Music. Along the way you can expect some real Classic Anthems as well as Disco (s)mashers….. in the end .. just expect the unexpected.

Some of the Clubs where you could have seen Mike Vandee / Royal Mike : NETHERLANDS : IT / Escape / Hotel Arena / Supper Club / Mansion / Sub - Terraneo / SOL / Buddha Bar / Revolution / Asta / «O» Dance Theatre / Nighttown / Club Storm / La DS / XS-2 / and many more OUTSIDE NETHERLANDS : BBE (Bruno Quartier, Bruno Sanchioni and Emmanuel Top) Tour through Germany and Switzerland in 1996 / Mallorca / Kreta / Ibiza / Belgium

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