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You can tell when dj Spinnjay alias Zadek is on the decks. The music emanating from the man is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. On the floor, where it really matters, his crowd experience all the peaks and troughs that make his music so unique. Locking on early, you'll hear his deeper take on house which morphs, as the club mood changes, into harder territory, music for sweating and losing yourself to. And at that point when the light are low, when smoke fills the room and people are dancing on instinct, that's when the melodies start to rise over the top, washing the worries and exertions of life away, completing the club experience. That's why dj Spinnjay is so respected, because he knows how to truly work a club, to take a crowd high, then higher again. That's what comes with vision and, just as importantly, experience. Spinnjay, a music obsessive who grew up on funk, soul and latin was, like so many DJs turned onto the power of house music in the begining of the 90s. Living in Utrecht (Netherlands), he'd been playing tunes for a few years before, running his own club night, in the city with his cousin known as dj Sunshine and he took immediately to this new sound coming from America. In 1990, a new house club, Sammy's took the city by storm and in a perfect bit of timing, he was offered the chance to play in the main room, spinning happy mellowbeat records and mixing house with music by Tony Humpries and Todd Terry. As a proffesional DJ, he began working on music of his own, At the same time, people were beginning to notice this quietly-spoken DJ from Utrecht the way that he really understood what made people dance, yet never compromised his vision of what good music should be. He started, unsurprisingly to get written about in the dance music magazines. Here was someone, they said, who could rock it with the best of them, yet who also stood out as a person with their own unique style, mixing straight up house with groovy material, throwing in breakbeats to keep the flow going, playing the most up to the minute music that somehow also reflected a rich musical heritage.

Also in organizing his own club nights and outdoor fesitvals Spinnjay became a massive event-manager,succsesfull in the Netherlands with special concepts nights like Orange Fever,Rythm Tonight and Maximum he started to organize also abroad the Netherlands with his own clubnights and festivals.Based in Crete - Greece he became in 1999 the resident DJ of the world famous iT-club in Hersonissos with DJ's as Nummark,Jean,Marcello and Jurgen. In the year 2000 Spinnjay and his good friend dj Nummark started to organize some Open Air Festivals durring the summer in Crete called AIRSCAPE almost 15.000 people were jumping on the beats of some of the finiest dj's from arround the world.iT became so succesfull that in 2001 Crete was marked as a hotspot for more party organizers from out of the world like CREAM and Gathecrasher.

Spinnjay organized in 2001 the biggest Open Air Festival ever held on Crete called SUMMERDANCE with more than 40 dj's like Tiesto,Armin van Buuren,Scott Mac and dj Jean.As the resident DJ of all events and clubnight dj Spinnjay became well known in Greece and islands arround.His DJ cariere became up in to a higher level after he played with the finniest DJ's in the world.Noday's dj Spinnjay is spinning around the globe searching for places where organisations wants him to play his groovy and funky sets in countries like Belgium,France,Germany,Greece,UK,Cyprus and the Netherlands

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