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Fergie started DJing 'Pumping Garage' and 'Bouncy House' in his small bedroom in Larne Belfast in Northern Ireland at the early age of 12. He played his first club at the age of 14 called Airport 2000 standing on a milk crate, shortly after his set he was thrown out by the police for being too young. He later went on to exhaust Ireland's club scene by the time he was 16.

It was at this time he was playing at The House night-club in Larne Northern Ireland when he was heard by Tony de Vit who was to play after him. Tony was amazed by the talent of this young lad peering over the decks and asked him to play a bit longer so he could listen. Shortly after Tony invited Fergie to England to introduce him to the English club scene where he played more clubs but still aspired for more...

Fergie has had radio experience in Ireland and in England playing on Club FM Dublin, Cool FM Belfast and guested on Kiss FM London a couple of times being interviewed and mixing live.

In the summer of 1997 Fergie toured South Africa for 2 weeks with the Vibe magazine playing in all the major cities. This summer 1998, Fergie played in Ibiza for the first time at Privilege, Space and Bora Bora. His talents were noticed by many including Laurence Malice who immediately made Fergie a regular Trade guest. The first major event Fergie headlined was in November 1998, He toured most of Australia wowing crowds in Sydney and Melbourne making them gag for more. March 1999 saw Fergies first Transatlantic tour, playing to huge crowds on east coast of the US. Fergie stunned the clubbers of Atlanta, New York and Philadelphia with his talent. At the age of 18 he was even to young to DRINK! In April 1999 Fergie soon returned to Australia Touring the huge continent once again. He also came 2nd in the 'Best International DJ awards- Melbourne 99' to Frankie Knuckles beating Roger Sanchez at 3rd place...

Fergie is non-stop in the studio producing his new fresh sound, his first track 'Ooh Sir' was available on the Trade label early 1999 and sold out in 5 days. After the huge success of his first track Fergie was approached to remix the Tamperers new single 'Hammer to my heart'. Fergie's studio work started to peak after the summer of 1999, with original tracks and remix's on many well known record label's.

The end of 1999 saw Fergie's biggest achievement's pre-millennium. Fergie was nominated as one of the 'Best up and coming DJ's of 1999' by Muzik Magazine, then only 1 week later Fergie was voted number 17, best DJ (in the UK) by a MixMag readers poll. MixMag stated that the quotes written in by Fergies fans were unbelievable!

After all the Millennium dust had settled there is one name on everybody's lips, Fergie... In the first 2 months of 2000 Fergie released numerous other Tracks for Other well known labels selling well into the thousands. Fergie then went on to land a string of residences at Godskitchen and the all new Super club born from Godskitchen CODE!

With Fergies first Dance compilation out on Nukleuz records and front cover CD's on MixMag there is NO stopping the ' Larne Express' known as FERGIE. Fergie has Mixed a Second Compilation for the Worldly acclaimed Music organisation DMC namely 'Seven Live' and also has a string of Album deals with The Ministry of Sound's Annual Series.

Fergie has signed a Single Deal with the chart topping label Duty Free. His first single on Duty Free, Deception roared in at Number 36 in the National Charts. This then created a huge waive of remix enquiries for Virgin, Incentive and other Majors.

2000 was definitely the year of the Fergster Al right, he was nominated for the second year running at the Ericsson Muzik Magazine awards for best New DJ. Fergie reached the highest new entry in the DJ magazine Top 100 DJs in the World at a staggering Number 8, flying past DJs Such as Danny Rampling, Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul and Pete Tong. He was voted Number 2 in the Ministry Magazine Unofficial DJ poll and No 29 in the Muzik Magazines Top 50 DJs Poll. To top the lot MixMag announced that they considered Fergie to be the DJ of the year, with comments in his cover issue like 'Superstar DJ 2000', 'This man is the Future' and 'Fergie is the most important thing in clubland since God created legs'.

2001 the Story continues... Essential Mix time, not only did Fergie do one of the first Essential mixes of 2001 the team behind the Essential mix have scouted Fergie to be the Official Essential mix DJ with live mixes in the bag from Clubs Worldwide, Ibiza and The Huge UK Love Parade. Fergie now has more involvement with Radio 1 than any other DJ in the country without their own weekly Show.

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