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Miss Chianty

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Chianty began singing when she was only vive years old. A cheerful kid with an endless passion for creating sounds en melody lines.

The most precious gift was a guitar her parents bought her from that day on she knew she wanted to be a singer and bring over her love for music

The beginning She started performing when she was seven years old, on school projects and started singing and played the guitar in all kinds of bands. At the age of thirteen years old she joined the Swingbeat/hip hop formation "Twice if necessary" with dj Madman ( Patrick Daams ) and they created their first cd. They performed on several stages en local television and in the meanwhile she won several talent scouts with music she created with her guitar.

Soon Chianty knew that not only singing and writing was vervilling her needs so she took acting lessons and joined the theatre and danced in clubs, wrote lyrics and songs for others, and joined several bands (funk, rock, groove, pop, soul) and did studio projects (Jingles and tracks) after 15 years of experience in different music styles she was looking for a new challenge

When she went to a festival she met a producer and they worked together on an exclusive base. For two years they worked on several project and became more serious in the dance scene. They created a live set based on dance music with live musicians ( Johnny Kelvin,Norman Soares,Costar) and performed on big festivals like Extrema outdoor, Extrema Nye live broadcasted by Veronica tv, Ministry of beats ( radio 3 fm live) live from texel , Paaspop, and More etc. they also created the music for the Davilex game "beachking"that has been released over the worldwide for sony play station. They also produced intros for several occasions.

From that moment on Chianty was in love with the dance scene and started to concentrate on solo projects and began singing in several clubs as an MC Vocalist. She has an absolute consistence feeling for melody lines and is an improvisators (funky, groove, deep and soulful) lines to be one with the music and bring over her message with a warm soulful deep voice. Besides being a vocalist on stage she produces with several talented producers ( Bart v Liefland,Sidney Samson,Eric de Man, Collective Sound members, Future Groove Express, Zoë noa, Alankara etc she already combined her voice with the funky groovy sounds from several dj’s for instance "Eric de Man ,Zoë Noa , Bart v Liefland ,Dj Dior, Future Groove Express, Jay-Ve, Jean, Marcello, Brian S, Robert Feelgood, Sidney ,Gregor Salto , Quinten ,Melvin Reece and many others.

The future is bright!! Chianty joined the Future Groove Express (Producers duo with live musicians "Jazzy D, Duha, Dj Dior, and other artist. ( www.futuregrooveexpress.com ) to work on tracks and perform worldwide. What makes Miss Chianty a Unique singer

Chianty improvisates her lyrics live on stage and she wants to be one with the crowed. Her voice is an instrument and she knows how to use it. Being a vocalist gives chianty the opportunity to create a bounding with people she never met before, just feel their emotions and sing into their hearts. Chianty is often called as "the black singer in a white appearance".

Mc/Vocalist history: Quignon,Forward,Uw-XP,Soy,Powerzone,Winkel v Sinkel, Storm, Monza, Mazzo, More, Matrixx, Prinsestheater ( Metz ) , H-o-p-e , Ministry of beats live from texel ( radio 3 fm ) ,Dj café Twisted, Extrema NYE main act live broadcasted on Veronica television ,Paaspop( Extrema area ) , Extrema outdoor festival. Kingdom venue ( de club, Vortex) 19th hole Noordwijk, Soy , Ministry , Zebra Lounge , de Rechter, Mergel grotten ( Kanne Belgium) Ocean Diva , Sinners ,Par-T Outdoor festival Panama, Parkzicht and more

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