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Nickolas Quartez
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Jurgen Dion de Clercq


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Nickolas Quartez

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Name: Nickolas Quartez
Date of birth: 10-04-1981
Residence: The Hague
- Communication Technology & Information Systems
- Communication & Multimedia design
Started dj-ing: April 1994
Music Choice: Techno (Schranz, Progressive & Latin), Breakbeat, Trance, House
Style of dj-ing: three deck mixing or 2 decks & FX
Ideal set-up: Three technics and a Pioneer DJM600

DJ-ing and music:

The ability to transform mixing into an art is one of the most difficult things a DJ can learn. The vibe the crowd gives you is one of the finest things a DJ can feel. Being an artist and being able to put my heart and soul in my music, gives me the ability to set myself free and makes it possible to develop myself even more as an artist.


I produce music in two genres: ?Breakbeat? and ?Techno? records. In both of these genres, you can find either easy listening or hard crushing beats. From the first track ever made by me untill the most recent one, you can hear a distinguising vibe that an artist can only add to his/her track if it is made with hard work and effort. Up till now I haven?t released one of my tracks. This is beacuse it?s nice to have unique material.


Anybody can call themselves a DJ. But I don?t. I see myself as an entertainer in music. Everyday, you can see kids on the street dreaming of being the thing the want to be the most. Some want to become a fire man others want to become succelfull buisness men. My ambition to become an entertainer in music did not come unexpected. Almost all of my family members play an instrument or are active in the music scene.

Inspired by my parents and friends, my first attempt to mix music was with 2 tape recorders. By recording one song after another and trying to let the merge, I had the idea that it was possible to make one long track from a number of tracks. And of course I did not know I needed a mixer to do so. I found out that in order to do what I desired, I needed more equipment. Expensive equipment... I got a job and within six months I had my first pair of decks and a mixer to start with. And thats when the trouble started.

Being able to mix records the way I did got me my first gig at the age of 15 in a pool hall. Across the poolhall was a club. By coincidence the owner of the club was in the pool hall and heard me play. Hopping from club to club I?ve played aside diffirent names like Mark van Dale, Jurgen, Natarcia and more.

On one night, I was standing in a club, having a drink with some friends. There was this DJ that was playing the most awsome tunes ever. This was techno. Without even hesitating I knew what genre my next records would be...


April 2005: Let me Tell you something.

May 2005: Let me tell you something (Pimped up Version)

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