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DJ Onno (24/01/1983) can be seen as one of todays most promising Dutch club DJs. He has already reached high levels with a residency at Hollands number one club event Chemistry. Alongside this he can also be regularly found behind the decks at Hollands best clubs.

It all started out for him at a time when most kids were still dreaming of becoming a big Pop star or actor, rather than the profession of a DJ. While still busy with school he devoted his free time mastering the skills of a professional DJ which soon resulted in several local gigs and a third place at a national DJ contest.

This young talent with his ever-uplifting music and high professionalism was not left unnoticed. He became the warm-up DJ at Chemistry and joined them on their On-Tour. Next to this he made several appearances at national radio (Radio 3 FM, ID&T radio), IT (Amsterdam), Danssalon (Eindhoven), RUSH (Amsterdam), 020 (Amsterdam), Now-Wow (Rotterdam), Red-Light (Paris), Off_corso (Rotterdam), Las Palmas (Rotterdam), Powerzone (Amsterdam) and several other events and venues. Last summer Onno played at a few of Hollands biggest dance festivals; "Mystery Land" (cap. 40.000 people) and the closing party of the FFWD dance parade in Rotterdam (cap. 50.000 people).

With his full residency at Chemistry (from 2002) Onno can call one of Hollands best clubs, Escape, and some other well-acclaimed club nights, his playground. While he always stays true to his own style its at Chemistry where he finds the freedom to explore all that house musics best has to offer. Combining forces with DJs such as dJulz, Layo & Buschwaka, Gene Farris, Darren Emerson, Wally Lopez, Pete Moss, Josh Wink, Anthony Papa, and many more, Chemistry is the place he feels at home. When not playing out, Onno can be found in the studio together with his partner in crime Rocco Mundo (known from his work with Scumfrog, Nick-K and Gene Farris), and things are really starting to heat up with releases are scheduled on John Creamers NY Love and the Dutch Lowriders imprint. The promos are already being supported by djs like Steve Lawler, Scumfrog, John Digweed, Lexicon Avenue and numerous others.

Onnos sound can be best described as deep flowin uplifting house with tribal and progressive influences. Rather than playing record after record in one style, Onno prefers to create an eclectic atmosphere on the dance floor in which he always succeeds. Highly professional and always in sync. He brings a state of uplifting coolness to his audience, mastering an extremely strong personal sound. DJ Onno is one to watch out for.

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